First attempt at blogging

Tomorrow is my 54th birthday.  I would suddenly become dyslexic and pretend it’s my 45th–but then I would not soon be going on this big adventure.  Having spent 25 years or so in the corporate slave mine and having my career come to a screeching halt, I am about to leave for 27 months to the country of Macedonia with the United States Peace Corps.  I will attempt to keep this up to date without boring anyone out of their mind.  Please subscribe if you wish to stay informed on this excellent adventure, and either way, send good wishes and encouraging prayers my way–I’ll need them!


3 responses to “First attempt at blogging

  1. Happy bday. Wish we could have made the Waterbury loop gang adventure last Friday.
    Enjoy your next adventure and keep us in your thoughts. You will always be in ours.
    Love Ya
    The Dieffenwierths

  2. Sorry I missed your Birthday Linda! Congratulations! At 54 you are doing what you dreamed of doing. Be happy and safe while you do your good work. So proud of you 🙂

  3. You are awesome, Linda. It was so nice being with you before you left town. Your “Road to Macedonia” presentation was fantastic. I would
    not have wanted to miss that for anything. Happy belated birthday. . .
    and happy trails to you! I will be anxious to hear all about it.

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