Time is short

I actually packed a suitcase today.  I’ll probably have to unpack it and re-pack it a time or two before I leave, but it’s a start.  The support of friends here has been invaluable.  Over the past few days I’ve sifted through thousands of pictures documenting my family’s lives over the past 30 years and it’s been an incredible walk down memory lane….

It seems odd to be leaving this house where I’ve lived for 26 years, seen my kids grow up, and hosted so many wonderful neighborhood and kid’s parties.  It’s been a great place to live–despite recently being declared a sink-hole house, I think of it fondly as ‘mine’.  This is MY neighborhood, these are MY neighbors, MY trees, MY memories……and yet what a demonstration that the pieces forming our lives are really only lent to us.

I will miss you all terribly.


6 responses to “Time is short

  1. We will miss you too!

  2. What you are doing and where you are going takes faith, courage and a great sense of adventure–Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences as you embark on this remarkable journey. God Bless!

  3. Hey, I know what you need to pack: books! Those long Macedonia nights, nothing like curling up with a great trashy novel!!!

  4. Linda, you are an amazing woman and a great friend!
    I wish you love, peace and happiness on this new chapter in your life! I know that you will have the most amazing time of your life–so enjoy it, take lots of pictures and have a safe return home! God Bless!!

  5. Hey Linda,
    Great to hear from you prior to your departure on a long adventurous journey. I’m so thrilled to hear about the goodness that you plan to share in other areas of the world. You will be amazing and others will be blessed to receive your many gifts; care, experience, and empathy. Best to you. Look forward to learning about your journeys. -Susie

  6. Linda Winnie Towne

    Eg Hey Woman! I am so proud of what you are choosing to do and to call you my friend. I will think of you and pray for your safe keeping every day. The United States Peace Corps! Wow! You are amazing! Hey, if you learn Skype, I’ll try to too! 🙂 Have a great time – you will be returning from service in Macedonia at the same time I retire from Lyme Central after 30 years. Maybe then we can have a new adventure together! Godspeed my Wesr Chester friend! Love Always, Winnie

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