Arrived Safely in Vienna

……..only ~2 hours sleep on the plane, but international flights are always challenging.  The group is camped out around a sculpture here by our gate at the Vienna airport with 2 hours to wait for our flight to the Macedonian capitol of Skopje.  I was going to change into nicer clothes to arrive at my new job, but my carry-on bag was confiscated and checked upon boarding….along with several other people’s in my group. (You may remember it was of concern to me in an earlier blog.)   Oh well, one less thing to worry about until I get to my final destination…and hopefully it will be there.  I’ve actually taken my first pictures of the group, but downloading and posting to this blog is more than I can handle at the moment.


4 responses to “Arrived Safely in Vienna

  1. Praise God and thanks for keeping us posted!

  2. You’re almost there! May God refresh you and rejoin you with your luggage.

  3. I miss you already, just knowing I can’t call you.

  4. Geez…just knowing I CAN’T call you makes me miss you!

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