First day of school

….and I’m sick.  It started a couple days ago with a little tickle in my throat as these things usually do.  Then the stove pipe on Nada’s pepper-processing plant failed and smoke was billowing in the house.  And….she smokes.  That combined with minimal sleep has left me with an upper respiratory issue that I’m treating with tea and honey….wah, wah, wah…….  Now that I’ve finished whining I have a few more pictures to show you.

This fellow was on his way into town to pick up his sacks of peppers–the two guys with him are there to help as he lives far up in the mountain.  I actually was able to understand when he asked me where I was from–YEAH!  (It’s the little things when you’re learning a new language!)  Still it never ceases to surprise me to come across this kind of transportation.  Please take note of the stone streets.  That’s how most of the town is paved–if it’s not outright STONE.

The definition on this picture is not the greatest, but I was trying to capture a typical ‘carport’ which is more like a few wires across the top on which grow the most beautiful grapes.  That way the family gets shade, AND raw material for their ‘Rakya’.  I’m very impressed with how the Macedonians seem to use every square inch of space.  On the other hand, trash cans aren’t a big thing over here.  They are so frugal, re-using jars, bottles….just about everything.  Nada actually throws bits of leftover food off the balcony to the creek bank ~40 feet below her back porch.  Of course that is either eaten by the animals or absorbed into the environment–the Macedonian version of a garbage disposal.  I’ve seen other houses that have compost piles, chickens, pigs, etc., but my little apartment in the city is only about 1000 square feet–upstairs AND downstairs, so obviously–no animals.

Nada has a man-visitor tonight, so I think I’ll take my computer and go in my room.  Good night dear friends and please tell me the kind of things you would like to know about and I’ll do my best.


3 responses to “First day of school

  1. Miss you. Enjoyed reading about the peppers. I have bags of them in my freezer and don’t know what to do with them. They were a gift…I don’t think I will be cooking them any time soon.

    Love ya,

  2. Linda, Sounds absolutely amazing! You seem to be taking the adjustment well. “Man Visitors” even in Macedonia… 🙂

    Does anyone speak German? I am curious to see how that language thing is going.

    Hope you start feeling better soon….


  3. Hi Linda! Hope you feel better soon! Bob had a great time at the wedding! My best to your children and their new lives ahead of them. I am sorry I couldn’t be there 😦
    Thanks for all the cool updates of all your new adventures….I love it!
    Take care, love ya! Chris*

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