Language School

There are only 5 people in my language class (one of the students took the picture) which makes for a lot of 1-1 attention.  There is another class of only 4 people around the corner, but for now I’ll talk about mine.  It’s held upstairs in a bar and above a little sandwich shop.  We arrive every morning at 8, break at 10 for half an hour with our heads exploding, then limp through the next hour and a half until noon.  Our instructor Alex is very positive and very patient.  He tells us we’re wonderful when we’re trying to get past “I am, you are, he/she/it IS”.  And I guess that’s a good thing, because nobody has been tempted to kill anyone yet–but then again it’s only day 2.

In the afternoon we have different kinds of training.  Today it was cross-cultural:  What have you learned?  What don’t you understand?  Funny stories.  It’s good to kind of ‘decompress’ together and know everyone is going through their own challenges.  Tomorrow is safety and security–something the Peace Corps is very big on!  But frankly, I don’t think there IS any crime in this little town where everyone knows everyone and what they had for dinner last night.  I know I won’t always be living in Kratovo, but really….

Already I have some words and it’s easier for Nada and I to communicate–of course I could be saying ugly things to her but she smiles and nods anyway.  This evening I went out for a walk and happened to meet up with a couple other PC Volunteers–so of course we ended up having a beer together.  I came home around 8 and Nada had been wondering where I was–guess she missed me.  I started to do my homework and she just kind of took over and gave me all the answers–which is kind of nice after drinking beer for an hour.  I’ll look like a star tomorrow in class…..

I’m still fighting the upper respiratory thing and if I’m not better by Thursday will call Dr. Darko (no kidding!) who is coming to give his talk on Friday.  Wonder what kind of good Macedonian drugs he could provide?

Love to all!


6 responses to “Language School

  1. Macadonian beer?? Do tell–good?

    How you are feeling better. I am just getting over a cold myself. Thank God for Nyquil!!

  2. I am enjoying reading about your adventures. Can’t wait to hear you speak Macedonian! And the pictures look beautiful. With the blog and facebook, it hardly seems like you are half way around the world. Love ya

  3. Love reading your posts and looking at the photos! You are living a grand adventure!

  4. Mom,
    I hope you start feeling better. I am enjoying your blogs and look forward to following your exciting adventure.
    Love you!

  5. Hi Linda! Hope you feel better soon. You look great in the photos! Keep those cards and letters coming – great reading – I can almost “hear” you talking.

  6. Good Morning/Afternoon!
    I hope you are feeling better today.
    Wondering if your classes are grouped by age! 🙂 Are the young-er ones in another town?
    I’m also wondering if you can type in Macedonian since the alphabet is different–or do you need a specific keyboard? 🙂
    Have fun!

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