Snorting Rackya

We were warned that the Macedonian culture believes that Rackya (the home-made, grape-based, alcoholic, witch’s brew) is a cure for everything. That’s why we’re told we HAVE to call the PC doctor if there’s anything wrong and Dr. Darko (as previously mentioned–no kidding, that’s his name) will arrange for us to get proper medical care. Last night at 10:30 Nada was ready to call him because of my runny nose, congestion, etc. The thing is….she’s really frugal when it comes to using her phone (you get charged if you initiate a call, but not if you receive one) and she’ll only make phone calls on MY Macedonian cell phone–which I wouldn’t give her. Her solution was to wet a thick tissue with Rackya and insist that I put it against my nose and breath. Well this stuff is probably 80+ proof but I figured the alcohol wasn’t going to hurt my sinuses, and what the hell….when in Macedonia….
The first thing it did was sting the hell out of the sore skin around my nose. Then just breathing the fumes had a good effect on my sinuses. So I figured snorting a little might help dry up my sinuses and kill the bacteria. Bottom line was that this morning I actually did feel a little better and the skin around my nose was no longer sore.
Unfortunately this evening visitors arrived and the smoking started and I’m back to bad. I’m trying to hide it from Nada because I hear snorting is addictive.


3 responses to “Snorting Rackya

  1. You are still keeping the humor! Is smoking prevalent there? You’ll have to tell them you’re allergic and remove yourself from the smokers. Wish I could get a care package to you for your symptoms right now. Seriously, what could you use for the future and how do I get it to you?

  2. From being on vacation where there were a lot of Europeans, they seem to all smoke. They don’t eat a lot like Americans but they smoke like chimneys. A lot like the US in the 1950’s and 60’s. Keep up the updates, they’re great.

  3. You have to be careful Linda. Just use your common sense.
    Good luck,


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