In Memorium

I know I said my next post would be about the Bazaar, but I got three sad e-mails yesterday from dear friends in my neighborhood that changed my mind.  I’m so blessed in my life to have been surrounded by amazing women in my neighborhood, and sadly we lost one of us yesterday.  My neighbor across the street was a wonderful woman who spent many years contributing to young people as a math teacher in the public school system.  Over the years she served as department head, mentor and friend to many students, and much more that she was too modest to talk about.  She raised a wonderful son who is currently a post-graduate student at Columbia University.  Kay fought breast cancer for many years, never complaining and only feeling just a little self-conscious when she lost her hair.  However she was thought to be better–doing well, going to work every day, and everything was seemingly under relative control.  Her medications were changed from time to time, but she was managing well when I left Florida.   According to the e-mails she worked all week then had some trouble breathing on Saturday and went to the hospital.  She died Sunday morning.

What a woman!  She did what SHE wanted to do right up to the end.  She takes my breath away.  I pray that those of us who knew and loved her will have courage to follow her example and LIVE the life we’ve been given.

I’m including this in my blog with permission from her husband who I was able to talk with via SKYPE this evening.  (Please keep Dave and their son Michael in your thoughts and prayers when you read this.)  I felt it was important to include because it makes me feel very far away from those I love and that sense of distance, loss, and sadness is part of this whole experience.    I wish I could be there with my friends to grieve together, to support Dave and Michael, to attend the services, to lend a friendly ear and maybe cry together….but I’m NOT there, I’m here, and I know Kay would want me to be doing exactly what I’m doing.  May she rest in Peace.


2 responses to “In Memorium

  1. Tough news. I’m thinking of you being so far away and am holding you really close right now in my heart.

  2. I’m sorry for their loss of Mom and wife and for your loss of a dear friend.

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