It got so cold today that our language instructor actually broke down and put the heater on in our classroom. This Floridian was really grateful and it gave me a taste of what’s to come. Don’t mean to whine….OK, I’m whining….whaa, whaa, whaa. OK–do you all remember that I have to go OUTSIDE to go to the bathroom and take a shower? I’m just sayin…


8 responses to “Weather

  1. Whaa Whaa….Do you want me to send wool socks or flannel pj’s?

  2. Great post as usual, your blog is so intresting thatmost of my office looks for updates and lets me know when there is a new entry. Keep up the good work!!!!

  3. Oh, I missed previous info that you had to go OUTSIDE to get to bathroom and shower. I think you take up C Grant on the offer of wool socks and flannel pj’s. So how far away is the bathroom? Quick jaunt or long haul?

  4. I’m lovin’ it here today. The temp has dropped to a lovely 83!!

  5. We should all be experiencing what you are doing — I’m sure we would appreciate America much more than we do!! Love your blogs. Hope you have warm slippers in the middle of the night…………

  6. As a Floridian you should have known better then to go NORTH! What were you thinking?? It is amazing that in all the years I knew you I had no idea you could write like this, I feel like I am there with you. Keep up the writing, I am enjoying the journey.

  7. Hey, better you than me kid.

    How goes the language training? (And don’t be a smartass and answer me in Macedonian!)

  8. Go ahead and whine; I feel guilty using up your sunshine and perfect temperatures. I guess that’s why they have rackya though!

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