No Internet Access….

I want to say it really bites—but how big a complainer should I really be?  After all I was originally scheduled for sub-Saharan Africa where electricity and running water would likely have been an issue!  So I’m grateful to be able to stay in touch at all, and I’m especially grateful for the posts & e-mails that I do receive from friends and family.  You keep me motivated!  I’m currently at another volunteer’s house where they actually bought a 3-month internet contract and had it installed in their house.  Smart people!  And generous of them to share!

Last night Nada and I went for a walk in the town.  She seems to enjoy introducing her resident American to all her friends, and I’m enjoying the fact that I can now understand some of what is being said!  One shop keeper gave me a pair of earrings—no charge.  Everyone is really nice to me and it was a beautiful evening; the leaves are changing and the mountainside is getting colorful.  Of course that also signals….cold weather.

It’s supposed to go down to -4C on Friday and I’m not going to lie—this Floridian is a little scared.  Some of my northern friends are laughing at me now, and that’s just fine.  Somebody please tell me an easy way to convert C to F so I can understand it and maybe I won’t be quite as intimidated—or maybe it just won’t matter, I don’t know.  OK, enough whining!

This past Sunday I got to harvest grapes.  It was a beautiful sunny day on the mountain and although I’ve enjoyed more than my fair share of wine, I’d never worked in a vineyard before. I’m really hoping somewhere along the line I’ll learn how to MAKE the wine, but I haven’t yet.  You are all going to think I’ve come to Macedonia to be a farm-worker, but really I’m just being part of the family and pitching in to help friends.  We also walked a ways down the road and saw the monastery of Saint Elijah and I’ll post pictures when I get internet access and can upload them.

Today most of us in my group helped dig a drain and lay concrete up at the Kratovo School.  This project was started by 2 of the Peace Corps Volunteers that have been here for 2 years and are about to go home.  We were there trying to help finish the project before they cycle back state-side.  It’s kind of fun to see some things other PC Volunteer have actually accomplished.

This Saturday is ‘Field Day’ in the capitol city of Skopje where the MAK 13s (who are going home next month), the MAK 14s (who are mid-service) and the MAK 15s (my group of Trainees) will meet and enjoy a day of getting to know each other and (as I understand it) friendly competition.  I’ll bring my camera……



6 responses to “No Internet Access….

  1. Hi Linda –
    Love hearing about all of your adventures – sounds like you are doing well and enjoying your time there. For the Celcius thing – an easy way to convert is to double it and add 30. So, -4 doubled would be 4 then add 30 so about 34 degrees. The negative is a bit strange but for 10 C, it would be right around 50 degrees F. Hope this helps.

    We miss you. Sending hugs~

    Jo-Anne & Jillian

  2. if you have a t-mobile phone you bought here, you can convert with that – it’s under extras

  3. It was good to read your post. It sounds like all new experiences. Is there much in the way of church life there? What is it like? I just got back from tennis, have to work a little this evening but am working at home. Brad is on the golf course. Love ya!

  4. Hey Linda,
    If the temperature were -4F then maybe it would be cold! Of course, I’m a true Minnesotan! Love to follow your adventures. Take care, my friend.

  5. Ditto on love following your adventures. I see others have given you a quick way to convert C to F and your Floridian senses are correct – it’s gonna be COLD. Layer up and get some warm boots for your tootsies.
    Love you – keep those cards and letters coming.

  6. Linda Winnie Towne

    HaHaHaHa this Northern New Yorker has got you beat – we were in the 20’s the past few nights but a nice warm front is coming our way – only in the 30’s! Glad to hear you are understanding more of the language. And the people sound very sweet! Have a good week my friend. Win

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