7/29/10 I have a new boyfriend

Ok, it’s not THAT exciting but it keeps me warm at night.  This is a picture of my bed.  When the weather turned cold my host mom swapped out my main blanket for a really heavy one that she says is over 100 years old (the one wrapped in the white duvet).  It’s bigger than the first one and very warm.  Remember there’s no heat in my room, so climbing into a 40 degree bed when it’s 25 degrees outside is an intimidating adventure for this Floridian.  OK, I’m just guessing at the room temperature, but when I wake up at night I do see my breath coming out as white fog and quickly put my head back under the covers.

Enter the water bottle—literally!  And as you can see, it’s not one of those flat rubber ones that come from a drug store.  It’s actually a plastic water bottle that she fills with almost boiling water and puts beneath my covers just before I go to bed.  So I snuggle in, am kept warm at night, and all I have to do is empty it in the morning…along with the blue plastic trash can that you can see in the second picture at the bottom of my bed which is a whole different story.  (If you need to ask, e-mail me.)  Anyway, as you can tell, my host mom continues to take very good care of me and I’m grateful!


3 responses to “7/29/10 I have a new boyfriend

  1. OK – three posts came in almost at the same time: New Boyfriend, Party, Church Life….

    Guess which one I read first.

  2. I think I’d go for Depends at night.

  3. maria stiverson

    It’s all so WOW! just can’t believe it, absolutely awesome! Hey, I got a job! its not what I want but its a good stepping stone. I am a para pro at the high school for a behaviorly challenged student. So far, I think I am a gorified babysitter!! Love U!

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