Video link

This is the link to the video my group showed at our swearing-in ceremony.

The music is a very famous song here in Macedonia sung by one of Macedonia’s rising musical stars–who sadly was killed in a car accident several years ago.  The video was produced by one of my fellow trainees (Jason) who you will see in the video (Great job, Jason!) and the pictures were contributed by everyone.



6 responses to “Video link

  1. Awesome! You look thin. I’m living proof that mass does not go away. What you have lost has miraculously appeared in Houston on me!

  2. Linda…how beautiful. I love how you are able to share each moment and eent with all of us back home. I am just in awe over all that you are doing and experiencing. Congratulations and enjoy!! I am proud to know you as a friend.


  3. WOW!! Great video Jason! Thank you Linda for sharing that with me. It is very grounding for me to see what you are doing with your life and I am so happy that you are having a wonderful time with what you are doing.
    Bob and I are in our new home in Fairmont, WV and we are now working on the little things of moving in. Most of our unpacking is behind us once again. Did i say I was NEVER moving again?
    Take care, congrats!!!!!! I love the music, it is a shame about the artist.
    Love, Chris*

  4. Linda,
    What a fantastic video! Great job putting this together Jason!
    It is terrific to get a bit of a better feel for what life in Macedonia is like though your pictures and comments. I showed this to our daugher Nicole to give her some sense of how different some things are yet in other way we are all the same.
    Just to let you know as well – We will be coming down as a family to Orlando around Transitions Academy – we’ll be spending the week – getting out of the Pittsburgh snow in January – A Christmas present for the girls! Looking forward to it!
    Take care and keep those posts coming!

  5. Good Morning Linda,
    We thought the pics were wonderful. Congrats on the Graduation ceremony. The video was impressive— .

    please keep in touch.

    Lee and jean

  6. The video was fun to watch. For some strange reason, my computer stopped at the point when you were on the donkey and started “buffering”. So I got a full minute of Linda on the donkey.
    It sounds like things are going well for you. I look forward to your blogs and all the latest in adventures.

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