Mailing Address

Many of you have asked me for an address and now that I have an apartment I can give you one:

Linda Reynolds

56 Partizanska Str.

1330 Kriva Palanka

Republic of Macedonia

BUT, before my generous and caring friends rush out to hit those Christmas sales on my behalf, there are some things you need to know!

1)       Shipping to Macedonia is EXPENSIVE!  A flat-rate box (the large one) is $55 to SEND.  I think the post office has smaller boxes and flat-rate envelopes as well, but I don’t know what they cost. If anyone finds any better options I would love to hear from you!

2)      The packing list should say used clothing (if there’s clothing or cloth stuff) and personal items.  All tags should be removed.  Take everything out of boxes or packaging to save room and weight.

3)      The packing slip should say a value of LESS than $50 – $60 regardless of what’s in it as I will be hit with heavy customs fees on this end.

4)      All packages are subject to being opened and inspected by customs.  Count on 2-3 weeks between the time you send anything and when I will receive it.

That said, I know some of you will send me stuff anyway, and I’m grateful for your good wishes and generosity.  The problem is how to publish a ‘wish list’ and not have everyone send the same thing.  I just don’t have a good answer, so here goes……..

  • Dried seasoning packets like spaghetti sauce mix, taco seasoning, hollandaise sauce, jello mix, anything that can be reconstituted over here and taste like ‘home’.  Dried soup mixes (although I’ve never actually eaten onion soup mix without sour cream—they do have sour cream AND potato chips over here!)  And its winter, so soup sounds good!
  • A bathtub ‘stopper’ or flat rubber- drain- blocker- thingie.  (I have a bathtub but no way to fill the tub.)
  • Zip lock bags—could be taken out of the box and take up less room.
  • Efferdent tablets—or generic version.  I wear a jaw splint at night to keep me from grinding my teeth and relieve TMJ issues.  Although I can buy most hygiene products over here, I haven’t found anything to clean my jaw splint yet.  Again, take them out of the box to save room and weight.
  • A roll of duct tape, a tube of super glue, stick-on hooks/hangers, an old screw driver that you don’t expect to ever get back…..the kinds of things that are laying around the house and easily accessible there are NOT over here.
  • Candles.  I love candles and they are more a luxury item that my Peace Corps stipend shouldn’t be expected to cover.  But since they don’t seem to have lamps over here and I’m using a flashlight as a bed-side table lamp…
  • My mom is sending me a set of queen-size sheets (YEAH) but a couple extra pillow cases would be good.  I actually bought a pillow and had no idea how to buy a pillow-case for it.  Most pillow-cases I’ve seen over here are home-made.
  • Any kitchen/cooking utensils—cheap ones please as the best I would expect to do is to pass them on to the following crop of volunteers when I leave.  A few coffee filters—I was gifted a pound of American coffee but no way to ‘drip it’ so a few cone-shaped filters would be nice and I could improvise.   A couple of those re-usable grocery store type shopping bags would be great, too!

That’s about it for now.  Again, I really don’t expect anyone to send anything, but so many of you have asked me that I thought at least I’d give some direction.  If anyone has specific questions (for instance about sizes or clothing) don’t hesitate to e-mail me at

By the way, internet was ‘down’ all weekend and I’m unable to upload pictures at work.  Will post pictures of my apartment as soon as I am able.


2 responses to “Mailing Address

  1. Ok I got the grocery store stuff covered fellow team LR–meaning the effervent, bags and seasonings/soup.

  2. Just got around to reading some of your entries and will continue (I promise). I wanted to respond right away to your request for something to clean your night guard. Coming from the dental world, the best way to clean it is liquid hand soap and an old toothbrush or nail brush. Anything else will breakdown the material faster.

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