Spontaneous Trip to the Countryside

Last week a coworker asked if I would like to go see a village in our Municipality.  Of course I would!  The following day she said she didn’t go, but would ask me next time.  OK, this is my interpretation of what I thought the conversation was—but when she showed up in my office today saying, “Come, come, we’re going to the village” (in Macedonian) I knew I had likely misinterpreted the previous conversation.

Backing up a little…since I walk to work I usually wear sneakers and change into my only pair of ‘dress shoes’ when I get to the office.  (I really miss my shoe wardrobe!) My counterpart insisted I change back into the sneakers before I left the office, even though the 2 coworkers I left with were wearing their high-heel boots.  AND she was worried because I only had a jacket with me and insisted the taxi stop by my apartment on the way to the village so I could pick up a warmer coat.  (Did I mention people really look out for me over here?)

So off to the ‘village’ we went in one of those tiny taxis.  As it turned out, we went up into the mountains and drove past or through 5 villages in the Municipality.  We probably drove 30 KM most of it up hill.  I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to get pics of the cows we shared the road with, nor the flock of sheep being minded by 2 of those huge Macedonian dogs.  In the first picture notice the houses as white dots down in the valley—that’s actually a village!  The mountains in the distance are in Serbia.  In fact the farthest village we visited was only 200 meters from the border of Serbia—but if you look off to the right (East) you’re looking at Bulgaria.  We stopped for coffee at a little grocery store.  This one featured chickens and rabbits in a fenced yard behind it—you guessed it—the ‘meat’ department.  Only in the village you have to kill, clean and cook it yourself.

Off to Skopje tomorrow for a Safety meeting.  I will have my first public bus ride by myself.  By the way, it’s snowing tonight…..Love to all!



One response to “Spontaneous Trip to the Countryside

  1. I can commiserate on the snow, it’s doing that thing here as well. We’re supposed to get a nasty storm tonight and tomorrow morning, we only got 2″ of snow last night.

    Glad to hear you are doing well!

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