Walking to Work in the Snow & Scrambled Eggs

Yup!  It’s Monday morning and the walk to work this morning was beautiful….and COLD.  It’s been snowing all morning and there’s about 2 inches on the ground.  I live about a half mile away.  According to the weather web site it is -10 C (14F) and falling to -18C (-4F) by Thursday.   I thank God every day that I was afraid I would be cold and prepared with long underwear, smart wool socks  and snow-boots ordered on-line.  Add the sweaters, neck-warmers and polar-tech pullovers that people have sent me and I’m a happy Volunteer.  Layering is a beautiful thing!

Yesterday I walked the mile to the My Market to buy things like cat litter and chicken breasts that I can’t get at my little store across the street–but when I can I try to support my neighborhood.  So after depositing my bigger purchases in my apartment, I headed  across the street to buy juice and toilet paper.  While there, I realized I needed eggs too.  In the My Market they come in a carton of 10.  In the little store they are in a huge ‘flat’ of about 50 and you just tell them how many you want….but I didn’t realize that you didn’t have to buy the whole thing.  Anyway, a combination of my limited Macedonian and the good will of the young woman who works there netted me a plastic grocery bag with 10 eggs carefully laid within.  You would think I could make it as far as my  apartment across the street with this breakable cargo, and I did.  And then I promptly dropped it on my entrance way floor netting me 9 broken eggs.  I washed the 10th and safely stored it in my refrigerator then poured the remaining egg mess into my only bowl, picked out the shells, scrambled and cooked them.  Eggs for dinner, and enough for breakfast most of the rest of the week.  Re-heating them in a frying pan was a little tricky this morning and I think about American microwaves.  And yet, it’s really not that big a deal.  It is the kind of thing that I signed up for and it feels kind of good to deal with the challenges of everyday life, learning to live a different way.

Here’s an interesting tidbit…if you order a sandwich ‘to go’ they put the french fries ON/IN the sandwich.  It’s called a ‘tost’ usually made with ham and cheese on a round roll the size of a medium hand with fingers extended, pressed flat in a panini – type press.  Then they peel it apart and load on the french fries, adding mayonnaise and ketchup to taste.   On the side you get a hot pepper.  Enjoy!



3 responses to “Walking to Work in the Snow & Scrambled Eggs

  1. What? No pictures of the scrambled eggs?

  2. I think you are a “wonder woman”! I could not begin to do what you are doing. Proud of you and the difference you make in people’s lives.

  3. I shall try the french fries inside my next burger–on the recommendation of Macedonians!

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