The Dam has broken!!!

The dam of pent-up packages that many of you sent last December!!! Now as I say that, be aware that I’m not the only PCV over here waiting a month or more for packages.  I see it on FB and other Blogs, so I think it’s just a factor of holidays (double the holidays over here in Macedonia!) and new addresses.  One PCV has a theory that they wait until there’s a whole truck load of boxes for a certain city before the truck makes the trip from Skopje.

I went to work yesterday morning hoping I’d start to feel better in the light of day, and despite feeling worse as the morning passed, there was one wonderful bright spot.  The cute little postman stuck his head in the temporary office where I’m working with 3 other women while my counterpart is on vacation.  He had a sly little smile and a small US Mail packet in his hands.  He ceremoniously looked at me, looked at the label, looked back at me, back at the label and painstakingly sounded out, “Leeenda Rrrreynoldssss.”  Now we all knew who it was for, but it was so cute, and so ‘officious’ and done with so much joy that it really lifted my congested and head-achey  spirits.  The return address was upstate NY where my life-long friend from college lives.  Before I could even open the package, the postman was back in the office this time easily handing me a letter-size envelope.

In front of the awaiting office-mates I opened my package to find a wonderful pair of warm, insulating water-proof mittens.  (Does an upstate New Yorker know how to look after her Floridian Friend?)  The letter was actually a Christmas card from my wonderful nephew and his beautiful wife.  There were oohs, and ahhs and encouragement for me to go home before I shared my sickness with everyone.

So off I went to home with my new mittens and a lift in my spirits.  After some hot Macedonian chicken soup in a package–cooks in 5 minutes, some needed medications and a 3 hour nap, my doorbell rang.  It was my next door neighbor with 2 postal slips for me.  Unless it’s a very small package, you actually have to show up at the post office, pay your customs fees and pick up your packages yourself.  The return address is from Pittsburgh, so I’m really looking forward to all the grocery-store goodies, and preservative laden items that my dear friend there has sent to me!  YEAH!  It definitely makes being sick so far away more bearable…  So off to the post office I go–putting on my pity-face  so if I meet any co-workers they believe that I really AM sick, despite the 2.5 mile round trip walk.  THIS is WORTH it!

Now if your package hasn’t arrived yet, rest assured that I will contact you as soon as it does to ‘thank you’.  See?  You get to ‘live’ this PC experience WITH me and experience some of the frustration and inefficiency.  And yet I could be in a grass hut someplace……


One response to “The Dam has broken!!!

  1. Linda Winnie Towne

    So glad the mittens arrived and you didn’t have to pay duty! Yes! Us upstate New Yorkers do know about “cold clothes” – of couse we don’t think it’s cold like you “southerners!” 🙂 Get well soon. And Merry Macedonian Christmas to you too! 🙂 Love you Eg. Win

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