The Knee

Before I update you, I just want to tell you how very much I appreciate your comments, encouragement, e-mails, good wishes, thoughts and prayers.  Yes, YOU!  My wonderful friends from all the different stages and aspects of my life, and I’m constantly amazed at those of you who choose to follow along with me on this adventure and care enough about me to post, e-mail, and otherwise lend your encouragement.  I’m one of the few volunteers who doesn’t have any other PVCs even remotely nearby, so when you post your comments, or otherwise let me know you’re out there, it’s like getting a hug from home.  Thank you and keep ’em coming!  and on to the journey…..

After my ‘cheering up’ evening last week I was told to report to Skopje on Monday for evaluation.  So off I went (but this time I stuck a toothbrush in my purse, just in case).  The wonderful Dr. Darko picked me up at the bus station and the driver took us to the physical therapy office.  Dr. Stanizka determined that I needed 4 weeks of intensive therapy at which point I near about died……..Dr. Darko told me to calm down, commit to 2 weeks, and we’d take it from there.  After a quick trip to the PC office, some paperwork, and picking up a new novel, it was back to Kriva Palanka–for one day.  Wednesday it was back to Skopje, this time with my large backpack equipped for a 3 day stay.

Now I was really curious WHY I can’t do physical therapy in my home town of Kriva Palanka.  Dr. Darko explained that Dr. Stanizka has a proven track record of very good results, my knee will be re-evaluated in 3 months, and if I want the best opportunity to avoid surgery and STAY in Macedonia, …..well, he was VERY tactful and nice about it, but the bottom line is that I should shut up and do what they tell me.  And so I did, and I am, and I will.

Physical therapy consists of laser treatment, electro-stimulation, and magnetic pulse treatment followed by quadriceps exercises of various types and intensity.  They basically work me until my leg starts to shake and then a little more.  But I’ve got to say that after 3 days I have more range of motion and am able to walk a little better.  It’s more sore–but I think it’s supposed to be as part of the exercises and healing process.

The best thing about my stay in Skopje is that the first night I stayed with a wonderful lady named Lillian.  She’s a MAK 14 PCV (been here a year already) from Los Angeles, about my age, and just what I needed to get a different perspective and feel a little more ‘connected’.  She did a little orientation of Skopje for me, we ate dinner in a Mexican restaurant, watched a movie back at her place, and ate a Mediterranean breakfast.  I blew my budget for the month–but I’d only eaten in a restaurant 1 time in the past 2 months, so it was worth it.

I’m home in my humble little apartment for the weekend and will be headed back to Skopje Monday morning for a committed week of physical therapy.  All of the MAK 14s will be in town for their mid-service training, but for some reason I’m not allowed to stay at the same hotel where they will be……sigh.  Instead I’m way across town at a hotel that has no restaurant service (except for continental breakfast) and nothing nearby.  Ahhhh, Peace Corps….there must be a reason.


8 responses to “The Knee

  1. Think ROOM SERVICE from a restaurant nearby?

  2. Great. Going out to dinner tonight at a hot new restaurant, and now I’m going to feel guilty. (Not guilty enough not to go of course….)

    Sounds like the knee issue is being thoroughly addressed, which I’m sure gives you some comfort. Of course, you know Linda, as people get older, these things take more time. Thank God I’m not aging…..

  3. “Shut up and do what they tell me”….and I’m doing it???? WOW, Linda, that’s something I never thought I’d hear from you. Glad you are taking the Dr.’s advice and wish you a full recovery! Take care.

  4. Linda Winnie Towne

    Hey Woman Well at least the rehab is free. I know… a lame positive! LOL
    Seriously, glad you’re receiving treatment…..keep seeing the positive my friend….you always were good at making lemonade out of the lemons life threw your way! Sending more extensive e-mail. Love you, Win

  5. Hi Linda,
    It soulds like you are getting the very best possible care. I wish I could join you as my right knee is giving me fits. I have no time to get it replaced as I am on a new project for TOI and it will be about 11 months. It did not help that I fell on it the end of December when my family and I were in Cancun for the Holidays. I dobut that therapy would help but I could cheer you on with your exercises.
    My latest project is the test program that Carol Baez and Courtney and I am working on. We are calling on ECP’s with high volume low share. We had dinners for all of these accounts and I have just finished my first week of Observing the Practice in Akron, OH and setting goals for them I will return next week in the Cleveland area and do the same. I have about 25 accounts in Western Pa that I have to schedule. The 3 of us are gong to Bergac for training the week of the 14th. I will think of you as that is where Cheri, you and I went in Dallas.
    Please take care and do as you are told and I am sure you will be good as new after therapy.

    Love Carol S.
    This is Super Bowl week-end and Pittsburgh is playing the Jets. BIG GAME.

  6. I wish you a full recovery Linda. Wow–they have a mexican restaurant there? Wow! Anyway, Florida is kinda soggy–we should be getting to high 74 but we do have another cool front coming in so…
    BTW–Steelers lost to the Packers–bummer! Parking lot is VERY VERY slim today!

  7. ‘Bout time I sent you a message. Hope the knee is improving and you’re back up to speed soon. I am in Atlanta, starting my new job today. (No, I am not moving here.) I’ll fill you in later.

  8. Hey Linda, I went through some bouts of physical therpy with my shoulder, it can be hard work and it can hurt,but I can tell you from experiance that the more effort you put into it the more benafit you will receive.

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