Jeep Rally (џип рали)

This was the second year my Municipality has coordinated and hosted an event called the Off Road Jeep Rally.   I suppose making it the ‘First Annual’.  Over 100 jeeps, 4-wheel drive cars, motorbikes and 4-wheelers gathered in the town square.  For the bargain price of 600 Denari (about $12) you got your car number registered, some cute little Macedonian flags with which to decorate your vehicle, sandwiches for all in your car and bottled water.   And off we went.  I was lucky that our Peace Corps Director wanted to participate in the event which was a stunningly beautiful jaunt through the Osogovo Mountains.  He and his wife arrived in a Rav-4 driven by the skillful driver Amir, and I took the 4th seat.  But they weren’t kidding when they said off-road and the trek was pretty adventurous.  At times we were headed straight up 60 degree inclines on slick and muddy trails, at times we were peering over the side of a mountain into what seemed like aquick trip to the afterlife.  The

event lasted all day, but our bladders did not–so we did a little more ‘communing with nature’.    The scenery was stunning, the company was good and the schedule relaxed.  Unfortunately it started raining around 2:00 and the mud tracks got even worse, however the fire

Another Rakija stop

fighter’s jeep acted as a ‘chase car’ and was readily equipped to help those who got bogged down or stuck.  The rain stopped and at 3:30 we ended up at the monastery where the Municipality served a lunch of bean soup, salad, bread, beer and rakija for all.   It was a lovely day, and a great opportunity to see a lot of the mountains where I now reside.

The Monastery

I’m taking this picture of the monastery and church from the restaurant.   On top of the hill to the left is where the ‘popes’ stay when they are actually in residence or having a conference.  The hotel complex is off to the left.  I would love to have visitors over here-it’s very inexpensive once you arrive and I promise to be a good hostess.  The spring fruit is starting to appear and the weather has turned warm and sunny.


3 responses to “Jeep Rally (џип рали)

  1. Thanks for the undate, I envy you your adventures! How long have you been in country now?

    How are your “supplies” holding up? Need anything? I am wondering if sunscreen might be in order? Let me know.

    Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Niece and husband and baby David are up visiting, David is 13 mos old and has just discovered the joys of walking. Well think about my place and an unsteady toddler. There is a reason the young have babies. Big family picnic planned for Sunday which should be fun.

    Peace out girl scout.

  2. hi there, it was really good to see a new post.i was in florida from march to may.i am spending a few weeks in az with kevin,but i will return home to florida the end of june. i would love to return home by way of macedonia. i don,t think i have enough frequent flyer miles for that lol. have you started a new project yet,or will you be working on the updates to the fire house? thinking about you every day love you lu

  3. I think your photo of the Monastery is one of the best and I appreciate the explanation of the buildings. Is the inside of the building beautiful too?

    Your jeep rally sounds like fun, but not the trips to the afterlife! You are placing considerable trust in strangers at all times, aren’t you?!

    love you, praying for you!

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