New Kitties

Vince & Vesna OR Винс & Весна

The Kittens were found abandoned in a box on April 22nd, no mother returning after several hours of watching, eyes not open and barely moving.  The Fulbright Scholar who found them could not walk away and kept going back to check on them.  When it became apparent they would die of neglect and abandonment, she took them home, concocted a formula from goat’s milk, egg, and protein powder and bottle-fed them back to responsiveness.  

Hanging out on their favorit blankie

Vince got his name from the Latin “Fortutinus Vincimus” (through perseverance we overcome) because I’m told he almost died the first night.  He’s about a week behind his sister in development but he’s very sweet and after some careful attention is doing just fine.  Vesna is a long-hair calico and quite the assertive one.  She outweighs her brother by about 1/2 pound and it’s only in the last few days or so that he’s started giving her some of the same play-behavior that she’s been giving him from the start.  And when was the start?  I went to Shtip in a taxi to pick them up May 5th and I figure they are now about 6 weeks old…and very fun.  I’m glad the bottle-feeding days are over, they are reasonably independent and I can just enjoy them now.  Spring is a fun time of year 🙂


4 responses to “New Kitties

  1. Linda,
    I’m so happy for the new little friends you have! Adorable!
    Take Care!

  2. they are soooo cute.will you be able to keep them in the apt,or will they be indoor out? do they even have kitty litter in macadonia? or sand? looks like suggle time to me. love you lu

  3. sorry,snuggle time.

  4. Makes me want a cat… oh wait…I have THREE! 🙂
    They are too cute!
    Have fun with them.

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