Follow-up on Elections and Firehouse Project

The elections are over and all said and done–kind of anticlimactic, which was a very good thing!  Upon my return from Western Macedonia to my hostesses apartment in Skopje Sunday afternoon there were no demonstrations in the capitol city, no rowdy crowds, no streets blocked, no evidence that it was anything other than a normal day.  Lillian and I went to dinner, came home…nothing!  But shortly before midnight (the polls had closed at 7:00PM), the horns started honking and the air horns started blowing, and the general celebration began.  Party A has stayed in power but with a slimmer majority, Party B got more seats and will have more checks and balances in the parliament.  So all is well with democracy in Macedonia and most are glad that this tense time is over.

My renovation project is well under way.  Today my Municipality wrote an article about it and posted it on their web site.  Google Chrome can translate for you if you’re interested, but the pictures are fun.  Enjoy!


One response to “Follow-up on Elections and Firehouse Project

  1. Linda Winnie Towne

    Wow i sure have missed a lot – just catching up on the blog right now. Glad you made it through election time unscathed! Crazy busy life these past couple months. Will have to e-mail all. Too much to blog. Just know you are always in my thoughts and prayers woman! Love you, Winnie

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