I learned Monda…

I learned Monday that my second SPA grant application was approved.  There is an old building on the sunny side of the river that we will renovate allowing the Scouts (Boys AND Girls) of Kriva Palanka to have a decent place to meet and work on their skills.  (Youth Development!) In turn, they will do all the work, maintain the building, and pay utilities out of their participation fees.  As the primary ‘tenants’ they will also have the option of allowing other interested civic organizations to use the space.  Currently those interested parties are:  Handicapped Plus, The Women’s Group, The Beekeepers Assoc., and The Hiking Club. All of these groups, as well as the firefighters from the previous project will be working together as volunteers to make this a great space for their community.  The 4000 American tax dollars will pay for materials only and the Mayor is matching money to provide all the work needed on the outside of the building.  January is not the best time of year for construction, but we’ll try to start as soon as possible.  “Building Community….one project at a time”


2 responses to “I learned Monda…

  1. Hard to believe so much can be done for so little. In the USA, the $8,000 total for the project wouldn’t even get you all of the building permits.

  2. Linda,
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. You are making a difference and that’s something to be very proud of.

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