Girls Leading Our World….Camp

In April I was informed I was chosen to be an instructor for Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) this summer. About 80 high school girls from all over Macedonia will compete and interview to attend. Camp is multi-ethnic and some girls will actually live with and interact with girls of different ethnic backgrounds for the first time as schools (and even communities) are frequently segregated here. The girls will attend a variety of classes focusing on empowerment of women, leadership, women’s health, volunteerism, society/politics, plus fun workshops like art and self-defense. There is a very nominal fee (about $10 plus bus fare from their town) to the girls and beyond that, it is fully funded by donations. If anyone would like to donate (even a small amount goes a very long way over here) you can do so at the following web site:

I’ve removed the link because we met our goal and are no longer accepting donations….thank you!

The web site will tell you more about the camp, but it’s impossible to communicate the hope and desire these teenagers bring to camp.  They are chosen because we believe they will go back to their communities more educated and empowered to affect their peers and influence others.  Changing the world one life at a time is a lofty goal….but then we are Peace Corps Volunteers and would not be here in the first place if we didn’t believe in this.  We also wouldn’t be here without the American Tax Payer support, so you are already contributing and I thank you.  If in addition you choose to donate to Camp GLOW, you are participating in MY service over here, and I thank you again.



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