Vesna Kitty

Today is a bittersweet day…4 months in coming.  Last July my cats started fighting for some unknown cat-reason.  Vince chased Vesna to the point she was so scared she lost control of her bladder and bowel.  My intervention seemed to no avail.  At one point he chased her off the balcony and she fell 2 stories to the roof of the shops on the first floor of my building and I had to run downstairs and climb out a neighbor’s window to retrieve her.  For almost 2 months I separated my apartment closing doors to facilitate different living areas for each in order to protect her.

My friend Christine came to ‘kitty-sit’ when I went on vacation to Prague and became BFFs with them both.  The next week (after talking with her boyfriend) she suggested one solution would be for her to adopt one of my kitties and take it back to the States with her.  I was relieved at the time, but was not up to ‘Sofie’s Choice’ and refused to pick between them.  She chose Vesna and I started the process of vaccinations and passport for her.   That resolved, they started to re-socialize.  They now live comfortably together and I wonder if I made the right decision.  I know she will have a wonderful kitty-life in New York with Christine and Will who are wonderful people, but it is a difficult day for me.  Today I will put Vesna in her carrier, pack her a kitty-supply bag, and take her to the hotel in Skopje where Christine is staying for ‘Close of Service’.  I will spend the night with her and go with Christine to see them both off at the airport tomorrow morning.  Especially difficult is that she is flying to Istanbul and then to NYC…it was the fastest flight and seemed the best when we didn’t know there would be a hurricane hitting the city.  Hopefully she won’t get delayed in Istanbul and NYC will have power.  Lots of anxiety, second-guessing, worry, and I will miss my Vesna-kitty.


One response to “Vesna Kitty

  1. Carol Schartner

    Ah! she is such a pretty kitty. I know you will miss her but you can visit her when you come back to the states. Yes, NY is having a huge storm and hopefully Christine will get back when things are cleaned up. Love,Carol

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