Another Change of Plans

Due to the hurricane hitting NY and shutting down all the airports, Christine’s flights changed, she will have to spend the night in the Istanbul airport.  Her flight is not confirmed to accommodate a pet…so pretty Vesna kitty will be staying with me in Macedonia for the foreseeable future.


3 responses to “Another Change of Plans

  1. Hi Linda! She’s a pretty kitty. an you bring them hme to Florida? Take care and keep us posted.

  2. Carol Schartner

    Oh low nice!! I hope she will arrive home safely. Some of the flights are begin to come into NY but not LaGuardia just yet.

  3. Linda,
    well they say things happen for a reason, it’s a small silver lining to a terrible storm. Vesna kitty is in the place she is intended to be! So glad they are getting along again. Wonder if your other kitty sensed that Vesna was sick or something? Glad to hear all is well!
    Hugs, Charla

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